Mar 3rd 2012

‘They Wore Faces of Red Clay’

@ SideCar

411 Huehn St., Hammond, Indiana, 46327

Opening Saturday, March 3rd, from 5 PM - 10 PM

On view through Saturday, March 31st

‘They Wore Faces of Red Clay’

Isak Applin
Shay DeGrandis
Iva Gueorguieva
Justin Michell
JJ Miyaoka-Pakola
Dan Schank

Curated by Carl Baratta

In any mythology that has one, hell is an actual place where there is suffering, or even worse, a place where nothing happens. Psychologically speaking, hell is not a long time ago, nor is it somewhere on a map; it is now and you carry it with you. When someone “goes through hell”, the person is experiencing something extremely private and often terrible. The sufferer’s sole desire is to pass through the torment with enough strength to right what is awry. Without succumbing to inaction and apathy, the afflicted must struggle to identify what is wrong, identify their own, personal hell before they may grow and change. In this way, hell is a state of internal struggle to create a better world or condition. The work in this exhibit embodies this complicated struggle. Like myths with their fantastic landscapes and internal logic, works of art are dreams made public. The artists in this exhibition address the subconscious and the poetic inherent in this phenomenon.

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