Nov 19th 2011

Public Collectors is founded upon the concern that there are many types of cultural artifacts that public libraries, museums, and other institutions and archives either do not collect or do not make freely accessible. Public Collectors asks individuals that have had the luxury to amass, organize, and inventory these materials to help reverse this lack by making their collections public.

Ricki Hill, an alumnus from UIC’s School of Art and Design, will share her catalogue of the Scrap Metal Collection featured in the exhibition Archival Impulse. Hill produced the catalogue, subtitled Relics of an Industrial Pathway, as a senior thesis project with Marcia Lausen. Created as a document of her travels on Hubbard Street between school and work, it features mappings of metal objects found along the route, image-making explorations using various processes, and a personal account of her acquisitions and experiences. Hill will also share other collections, including: vintage Life magazines, printed numerals, copper textural tests, handmade doilies, and cassette tapes with handmade packaging.

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