Sep 8th 2011

Wood Type, Evolved defines a global, burgeoning mode of activity in which contemporary artists are producing artwork through the development of new experimental printing techniques based on traditional letterpress materials—particularly wood type.

Why wood type, why now? While the widespread industrial production of wood type dates from 1827 into the late 1970s, a recent resurgence in letterpress printing combined with the increasing availability of commercially “obsolete” production equipment has created room for dialogue and opportunity. This has fueled experimentation in artist studios, presses and print shops around the world.

Through the display of artwork and examples of printing surfaces, Wood Type, Evolved will also reveal how laser cut, hand engraved, acrylic and otherwise manipulated types are becoming ways to engage a traditional style exemplified by wood type through contemporary fabrication techniques.

Artists include David Wolske, Dafi Kühne, Bethany Heck, Brad Vetter, Alex Cooper, Rose Gridneff and David Shields.

Expermental films will be on view by Judith Poirier and Barbara Tetenbaum.

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