Sep 29th 2011

Color: Fully Engaged

@ A+D Gallery

619 S Wabash Chicago, IL

Opening Thursday, September 29th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, November 5th

Color: Fully Engaged concerns itself with color’s multi-faceted role and, rather than confronting and solving any theoretical problems, further explores the correlations between color and perception. Via contemporary artworks created as part of conceptual and fine arts, design and architecture disciplines, the exhibition follows modern and contemporary trajectories of color as both scientific and associative methodology. Featuring essays, artworks and artist interviews, the Color: Fully Engaged project as a whole provides a unique look at the diverse employment of color in the practice of contemporary art making. In reflections on their studio practices, artwork and lives, each Color: Fully Engaged participant posits part of the whole question: what does color mean?

Contributing artists include Academy Records, Jeanne Dunning, Susan Giles, Dan Gunn, Adriane Herman, Anna Kunz, Jessica Labatte, Matthew Metzger, Liz Nielsen and Nathaniel Robinson.

Exhibition and catalog include essays by Claudine Ise and Jamilee Polson Lacy.

This exhibition is sponsored by the Art + Design Department at Columbia College Chicago. This exhibition is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and the Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation.

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