Jun 18th 2011

Olivia Swider and Julia Asherman: HeartBrainLungGut

@ Pentagon

2655 W Homer St, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, June 18th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, July 8th

The photographic works of Olivia Swider and the multimedia works of Julia Asherman both heavy-handedly transform objects and events that were once grounded in reality. These transformations are resolutions to their questions and observations, and they are executed proudly with strong romanticism as well as humor. The title HeartBrainLungGut nods to the female perspective via Bikini Kill, but also suggests that these works are executed with all of these elements in mind, not just one. These two women make work that is all encompassing of themselves, and their surroundings. What is inside and what is outside them is one in the same.

Asherman uses odd and somewhat aggressive pairings, such as poop and the color pink, to create tension and a humorous juxtaposition. She treats these objects as precious and refers to them as “experiments” that provide answers to her curiosities, theories and beliefs. Swider similarly uses her practice to resolve or answer questions about her surroundings, and she also has an aggressive approach. One example of this is through her obsession to “hunt” for photographs at every corner of the city and surrounding suburbs. Her work varies from medium format to grainy 35mm and this is a testament to her conviction to keep making new connections and also to not resign herself to a standard for image making. Heart Brain Lung Gut generously and un-forgivingly finds a balance between innocence and sentimentality with a tongue in cheek sarcasm.

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