May 20th 2011

In keeping with threewalls’ tradition, Vie de Boheme is an immersive experience, inspired by early 20C Bohemia: the politics, music, art and fashion that inspired the counter-culture state of mind we describe as “bohemian.” Set in beautiful Maxim‘s, an exact copy of the art nouveau restaurant opened in Paris in 1893, Vie de Boheme will be the underground meeting place for the wanderers, adventurers and vagabonds in search of the good life.

Unlike any other event in the city, our spring benefit is an annual artist-designed and directed “experience” where guests become “part of the art.” Fortune tellers, poets, dancers, radicals and general bon vivants gather at our underground club to argue about art, life and love. As in all our past benefits, thematic costumes are encouraged!

Our annual live and silent auction features over 40 works by artists including Jerome Acks, Alberto Aguilar, Carl Baratta, Samantha Bittman, Dana Carter, Justin Cooper, Maurene Cooper & Madeline Bailey, Stephen Eichhorn, Ben Fain, Edie Fake, Ryan Fenchel, Conrad Freiburg, Ben Foch, Theaster Gates, Surabhi Ghosh, Ben Gill, Karolina Gnatowski, Tim Louis Graham, Adam Grossi, Dan Gunn, David Harper, Jesse Harrod, Matthew Hilshorst, Young Joon Kwack, Raquel Ladensak, Eric May, Aspen Mays, Heather Mekkelson, Michael Milano, Easton Miller, Rachel Niffenegger, Nicole Northway, David Parker, Steve Ruiz, Sara Schnadt, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Montgomery Perry Smith, Deb Sokolow, Hans Peter Sundquist, Tony Tasset, Kaylee Wyant, Stacia Yeapanis, Philip Von Zweck and more. Work is available for preview on our website.

Each year, threewalls produces limited edition glassware by Chicago-based artists in conjunction with the gala. This year’s glass is designed by collaborative artists Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger.

Join us underground in a celebration of art and life and the end of the winter!

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