May 20th 2011

Justice will present new paintings and “indoor-outdoor” wall pieces.

Justice states: “The indoor-outdoor pieces are an investigation of paint in its most basic forms. I am physically attracted to the the images I use for them, vague stains and sprays. Removing them from the realm of proper painting is my way of giving them independence from the material world. They can become nomadic.”

While the time in the studio is a solitary and personal undertaking, presenting the results creates a site for dialogue. In the work on view, Justice continues her ongoing conversation with painting—painting of the past, engaging shades of early pre-Abstract Expressionist American Modernism and the work of contemporaries alike—and painting as a language in and of itself. She is equally influenced by, and interested in, the post-minimal painting of the late 60s and early 70s, a point when abstract painting transformed into a kind of folk art, incorporating humanism, workman-like craft, and frequent improvisation. Justice is not alone in sensing a movement by contemporary artists to recover its importance by re-visiting and celebrating this moment. A period described by Roberta Smith in her review of the survey exhibition High Times, Hard Times as, “one of the biggest elephants in the room of recent art history.”

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