May 20th 2011

Ceaseless Colors in Jobless Blooms is the joint effort of an upper-level undergraduate photo course taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Presenting a breadth of work in photography, video, and new media, the artist’s disparate practices are brought together under a shared sense of ambivalence about leaving the detached cloister produced by an art education. The floor lasts for four years only; intangible though the feeling is, the upset caused by being forced out into the world with only a shirt on one’s back, a degree on file, and a repository of contacts in one’s phone is a sentiment known by all students. What remains to be seen is whether or not everyone concerned will succeed, and how, further, they define success.

Participating artists include Thomson Dryjanski, Brandy Fisher, Emerson Granillo, David M. Hall, Misato Inaba, Absis Minas, Jen Smoose, Jaroslaw Studencki, Kristen Lee Stokes, Eileen Mueller, Casey McGonagle and Hyounsang Yoo.

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