Apr 15th 2011

Joe Mault: 850K

@ Kirk's Apartment

3710 N Marshfield Ave, Chicago, IL 60613

Opening Friday, April 15th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Sunday, May 1st

Joe Mault is a heavy hitter.

Joe Mault is an artist.

Joe Mault’s work is sculptural.

It’s meant to wow, to have affect, to dazzle, to offend.

Joe’s materials are raw and caustic.

Joe’s materials are stilted linguistics.

This show will blind you.

This show will be hard to look at.

This show will be offensively clean.

This show will ask you to take a second look and reread the information provided.

There are hints of minimalism but form is overtaken by objecthood and sensory overload.

This show is a Jeanne Claude Venn Diagram of spectacle and stilted communication.

The work in this show explores language, communication, the cleanly and the corrosive. Using strong materials from fluorescent bulbs to bleach and plastic Joe’s work confounds concrete definition of purpose and creation while echoing familiar objects in form. In this show Joe plays with forms that vary from the apartment fixture to the minimalist object and even language itself.

Work by Diego Leclery and You-Ni Chae in the Bathroom Project Space.

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