Mar 8th 2011

Ditto, which at first glance seems a handy and significant sort of word, actually has a Roman past, for it comes from dictus, “having been said,” the past participate of the verb to say. Italian detto or ditto meant what said does in English, as in the locution “the said story.” Thus the word could be used in certain constructions to mean “the same as what has been said.”

Ditto, or the same as what has been said consists of images searched from the labyrinthine archives of the Internet, in a hauntological rearrangement of sorts. It features works by some key 20th century avant-garde artists, such as Vladimir Tatlin, Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, Francis Picabia, Buckminster Fuller, Robert Smithson, Man Ray amongst many others. These canonical art works are then paired with their non-art counterparts from the far-flung global south in an ethical proximity, to invoke a mode of relating, one in which difference is neither reified nor erased but negotiated.

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