Dec 16th 2010

Mike Andrews


3319 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60657

Opening Thursday, December 16th, from 8PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, January 23rd

An upcoming dual-exhibition by Chicago-based artist Mike Andrews.

Between the moving, the sculptural and the visual, Andrews’ core ideas are footnoted by fundamental investigations of material, space, and the relationship between the body, object and image. The artist embraces conflicts that arise between those negotiations and conceptual orbits. The choice to highlight rather than sweep these issues under a rug, shapes work that lays bare a commanding and deliberate scale.

Each gallery aims to emphasize a facet of Andrews’ studio practice. Between the virtual and the actual, the material and the graphic, the artist continues to explore thoughts of practice, experience, and taste. The resulting exhibition is an exercise in the process of scrutinizing one’s self and practice, questioning whether content is located in the material or the manipulation of material.

In addition to this push-and-pull exhibition at the main showroom, Andrews will also be utilizing Golden’s auxiliary space to present the gallery’s largest sculpture to date. Paired with a largescale drawing, Andrews’ intuitive yet deliberate work continues to explore communications between output, software, and color.

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