Dec 4th 2010

Michelle Grabner: Chaos is rigidly structured in this chapter.


500 W Cermak Rd, 727, Chicago, IL 60616

Opening Saturday, December 4th, from 1PM - 4PM

On view through Saturday, January 15th

Seemingly endless attempts at reading the ultimate paleomodernist novel had me turn to its twenty-two CD audio set. Attention failed me and tired of tedious disk-changing I came to “The Complete Consort,” lecture five in a series of lectures titled Literary Modernism: The Struggle for Modern History by Professor Jeffrey Perl. Thank you professor Perl. This object hanging in PEREGRINEPROGRAM, with its opposing themes is dedicated to you for further undoing what I am supposed to understand. And please again, what is entelechy?

I. Selection of the title was bold and shocking.

II. The structure is set out in the backside.

III. A return to pagan classicism is rejected.

IV. Realism and symbolism is accreted.

V. Postmodernists are among its admirers.

VI. A dramatic object starring characters and inanimate object.

VII. Molly recreates the world.

Work by Michelle Grabner.

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