Dec 17th 2010

Brittany Ransom is a new media artist that strives to probe the lines between human, animal and environmental relations. We exist in a culture that is in the midst of a technological revolution. With our society’s existing dependence on emergent technologies comes a conflicted relationship between our culture and the concern for nature. This paradoxical bond between human and nature poses and solicits the need for a joint co-evolution between the living and budding technological innovation.

Ransom’s artwork began through the observation of these often strained relationships and came to fruition through the proposition of potential remedies to our constant struggle with co-evolution. She introduces these remedies in the form of interactive sculpture, possible prosthetics, wearable recording devices and digital manipulations. Ransom’s artwork invites technology, real and imagined, to heighten our awareness of the existence and perspectives of the world from other species point of view. It questions and investigates the constant personification and attribution of human characteristics, lifestyles, and views on animals, insects, and ultimately nature. Though Ransom finds the development of evolving technology to be alluring, many of her pieces comment on our dulled awareness of environmental concerns that our techno-advancements can trigger. Ransom’s work continues to progress into a serious commitment to investigating interspecies relationships and environmental concerns. Ultimately she hopes to always invite the viewer to question how technology can concurrently invent, destroy, enshroud and expose itself within our shared environment.

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