Dec 4th 2010


@ Pentagon

2655 W Homer St, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, December 4th, from 7PM - 10PM

Three Chicago artists explore the absence of a figure, specifically scenes depicting the desolate spaces human beings unavoidably leave behind after socializing, creating, working, and living; it’s the party after everyone has left, where once purposeful monuments become purposeless and empty interior spaces impregnated with meaning. Though the works neglect to depict a figure, each is never void of one.

Sofia Leiby collages, screen prints, and paints landscapes. She creates spaces delineated by intuition and personal affect where fictional and nonfictional memories and occurrences coexist.

Austin Eddy uses manifolds of media to paint spaces that have a narrative portrait of possible inhabits. He allows viewers to visually and psychologically inhabit these rooms, using their own terms of the room they are in.

Bill Bacarella paints foreign structures in barren settings, obstructing the environment. Abandoned and deteriorated, these spaces foster a history of the past inhabits, and correlate with the failures of modernist architecture and human needs.

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