Oct 22nd 2010

The U-Haul Show

@ Kirk's Apartment

Chicago, IL

On view through Sunday, October 24th

For those of you who frequent our exhibitions: Well done, we’ve missed you, and a warm welcome back.

For those of you who’ve managed to avoid us until now: We’ve missed you just as much, and what would make a better housewarming gift than a new place full of new friends?

As this is the first press release of a fledgling career, here is an introduction. Kirk’s Apartment was begun early in 2010, the resulting shows vigorously and ineffectually publicized, warmly received, and mildly attended.  We have faced hardships, experienced good times, and stood witness to things good and bad and ugly.

Now, in celebration of our monumental migration, we’ve packed everything into a 14’ U-Haul truck, and will be lugging it around town, running errands, tying up loose ends, and presenting to all an offsite exhibition at three locations over the course of three days.

This is a culmination of the best efforts of those closely involved in the valiant endeavor known as Kirk’s Apartment (plus Chris Bradley).  We are relocating, taking on a new home, and this is the stuff that has been with us all along, that defines us, that must be taken with us, that most certainly cannot be replaced by a couple of trips to Ikea.

Featuring works by Kirk Faber, Max Garret, Susie Kimball, Joe Mault, Tim Schade, Qing Yang and Chris Bradley (some new blood for the new apartment).

This is the U-Haul of Fame. A comprehensive representation of who and what we are. A perfect demonstration of Kirk’s Apartment’s dawning and soon to be glorious might.

The U-Haul Show will be parked in 3 locations over the course of 3 days this coming weekend: Friday, October 22 parked on Columbus Drive between Monroe and Jackson just East of the Chicago Loop. Saturday, October 23 parked just north of Division at the intersection of Damen and Chrystal. Sunday, October 24 parked outside of our new location (3710 N. Marshfield) just a block northwest of Ashland and Addison.

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