Oct 5th 2010

The Transformation Show

@ Gallery 400

400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Tuesday, October 5th, from 7PM - 9PM

Like so many smaller robots united to form a larger and somewhat more impressive whole, this program of films and videos culled from the last four decades of mediamaking is a proposition for transformation on both the micro and macro level. Screened in tandem with the Stephanie Syjuco and Dexter Sinister shows at Gallery400, in which throwaway e-art is made material and font choice becomes a locus for meaning, tonight’s selection of moving images is about alteration and transmutation in the broadest sense of the words. Watch in slack-jawed awe as giant lizards metamorphose (John Smith), as men become portals (Peter Campus) and the city becomes a screen (Laura Kraning), as language is emptied out of signification entirely (Peter Rose), and as an animated red star mutates into our psychedelic everyday (Adam Beckett). Be it through awkwardly forced connections (Sterling Ruby), unlikely Western datamoshing (Rebecca Baron and Douglas Goodwin), structuralist re-re-rephotography (Malcolm LeGrice), or That Force Called Time Which Changes Everything In Its Wake (Larry Gottheim), your sense of your-self-in-the-world will be inextricably altered, to be sure. Not too bad for an evening at the art space – so come one, come all and Do the Transform!

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