Sep 18th 2010

The second annual rotating gallery performance of 4 solo shows taking place in a single evening. This year’s line-up includes Matthew Schlagbaum, Chris Bradley, Clare Rosean and Shannon Goff. Each artist will have a 45 minute-long solo show during the hours of 6-10pm on Saturday, September 18th.

Each exhibit will be installed on the hour by preparators/artists Aza Quinn-Brauner and Daniel Baird. They may paint, spackle, hang, build pedestals, assemble sculptures, install monitors, and do typical gallery tasks throughout the duration of the art work’s rotation.

The public performance exposes the behind-the-scenes gallery installation and prep work. The on-lookers experience timely intervals of action allowing singular artists in a group show to be viewed more intimately and critically. Additionally, because of the truncated exhibition times, some guests may come and go with the intention of seeing a specific artist’s work (just as one would come to see a band play their set within a night’s line-up) conveniently featuring more obvious social sub-groups within the art viewing and art making public.

By calling to attention some important yet less apparent parts of the gallery experience, the viewer can focus on these moments.

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