Aug 13th 2010

B.C. MacEachran: The Big Gray Con

@ ebersmoore

213 N Morgan St, 3C, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, August 13th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, September 18th

In The Big Gray Con MacEachran continues to be influenced by how memory works, namely that our memories are just recollections of the last time we remembered a moment not the remembering of the actual moment or event itself.

With these ideas, complemented by MacEachran confronting various experiences in the present, his intent is to address the paradoxical point of breaking down the relationship between art and life, while at the same time increasing and reinforcing it, making reference to pictorial structures that have movement and stability simultaneously.

MacEachran has always held a fascination for marbles and marble games, yoyos, World War 1 Biplanes and repetition, which is probably related to the reason why he arranged his Smarties in a pattern and ate them in a sequence to retain a sense of symmetry. In this respect, his work is closely tied to personal experiences that communicate ideas related to competition and power as well as alienation and perception.

The physical presence of his work provides certain aspects of its content relating to intimacy and personal conversations. These paintings reflect the private thoughts and feelings, or better yet, how the artist felt and thought about the world when he was seven or eight.

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