May 28th 2010

Experienced states of reverie in ordinary circumstances of life are the impetus for this current body of work. The imagery and marks contained in Trew Schriefer’s paintings are extracted from moments of awareness that he sees and absorbs in the world around him. The environment is his starting point and guides him towards making particular formal decisions in the paintings. Schriefer’s states of reverie involve an experience of suspension—suspension in time and suspension from his surrounding space, ultimately evoking similar states of suspension in his paintings for the viewer. In addition, his work investigates process and materials, and the result of a set of procedures, through both intuition and reason, in which the method and order of construction can be interpreted from the material surface.

A fervent collector of the ephemera of others, Joanna Goss looks at the materials she acquires from bygone eras and finds beauty in their residual quality. Sleeves from 45 records, old sewing paper patterns, crinkled paper airplanes inspire images and also her purpose for making them. As she is aesthetically preoccupied with objects that show age, the items are often faded and fragmented. She categorizes the remnants in accordance of era, palette and recites some of these physical characteristics in paintings. Goss’ accounts of her interactions with objects expand into wishful ruminations made in gouache on paper. There is as much a story in the space and air of moth holes as in the color and pattern of a dress.

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