May 29th 2010

Tim Louis Graham and Diego Leclery: ʍe

@ Monument 2

2007 N Point St, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, May 29th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Sunday, May 30th

Statement from Tim Louis Graham and Diego Leclery:

“When ʍe were thinking of a title for ʍe show ʍe first thought, ‘People.’ Later, ʍe were thinking ‘You’ but that seemed too used. ʍe then thought “ɯe” but that was too collective, too social. ʍe then thought ‘ʍe’ and it stuck. You hear about the I and the ɯe but not so much the ʍe, and after all isn’t that what it’s all about.

“Title decided, ʍe went on to the image for the card and press. Because ʍe are doing the show together but only one of ʍe is actually doing self-portraits, ʍe thought it would be interesting to put an image of ʍe on the card. Now the show and its peripheral imagery both include images of ʍe. The photos of ʍe were taken moments after this decision was made. In an attempt to hide ʍe put on ʍe’s glasses and posed as ʍe smoking at the window where ʍe smokes. Even though ʍe is wearing me’s glasses, ʍe still looks like ʍe and can’t seem to hide as ʍe.

“ʍe didn’t want to describe the work in the show or how ʍe think it works together because ʍe realized that ultimately ʍe work is trying to take attention away from ʍe and put it on ʍe.”

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