Mar 19th 2010


@ ebersmoore

213 N Morgan St, 3C, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, March 19th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, April 17th

Curated by William Staples. Work by Dianna Frid, Deva Graf, Anne Simon, Brian Taylor and Scott Wolniak.

Painting and Sculpture have a common, if not at times, competing trajectory. Through out their proceeding history these two practices continued to develop through all the major advancements in Western Art History, with painting often coming out on top, so to speak, and Sculpture following right behind.

The impulse for this exhibit is to examine the one property of Sculpture that sets it apart from painting: sculpture in the round. The experience for the spectator of walking around a plastic form, contemplating it’s various textures and surfaces in their own space—but while still removed enough not to confuse real life with the art object—is obviously quite different than standing predominately still in front of a picture. Though, for much of Sculpture?s recent history, there has been an exercise of abandoning this characteristic in favor for so called expansion into other realms of experience. One ironic, but not necessarily undesirable move, has seen Sculpture return to Architecture by being mounted on gallery walls. Clearly, this is not to say there are no artists working with sculpture in the round. There are plenty who approach the plastic arts with this concern in mind. What is intended by this small exhibit (consisting of only five artists) is to concentrate solely on this one formal quality of the discipline so as to examine how some contemporary artists approach this essentially exclusive experience of Sculpture. One would hope that one day a much larger exhibition might take this subject on.

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