Oct 16th 2009

David Corbett: Change Makes It New


1378 W Grand Ave, 3, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Friday, October 16th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, October 16th

65GRAND is pleased to present David Corbett in his third solo exhibition with the gallery. This new series of work, featuring sculpture and works on paper, is a brilliant departure from previous paintings shown at the gallery, with a winning continuation of Corbett’s thoughtful investigation of what it means to belong.

The exhibition recalls Corbett’s previous paintings of personified drips and elegant silver point honeycomb, except these works interiority have been exposed; forms are comprised of voids and they exist in an airy figure-ground vacuum.

The bright and nimble watercolors of geodesic shapes are rimmed by fine freckles of tapped or sprayed on paint. These, in turn, evolve off the page and into three dimensions in a series of wood and enamel sculptures.

In a similarly unconventional method of paint application, Corbett, an expert carpenter in his own right, intentionally enhances the sculptures’ snaggle tooth edges by preserving the tiny, stalactite dribbles which form as a byproduct of their having been dipped in enamel.

The layered, and sometimes stratified color in all of the works on view seductively sugarcoat their shaky center of gravity and belie their precarious status as simultaneously transitory and totemic.

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