Dec 21st 2005

Slamdance was born out of an oppositional, D.I.Y. gesture, and Anarchy is our attempt to recapture the early spirit of the festival. The casual cinephile might associate the Anarchy program with avant-garde, transgressive, or underground cinema. It is all of these things and none of them. We like to think of Anarchy as an anti-genre. It is a form of resistance to dominant cultural paradigms. The 9 short films of this program value innovation of form, violation of taboo, and disdain for institutional modes of representation.

*Stay after the screening for a filmmaker Q&A with select filmmakers & special guests

ANARCHY 2016 PROGRAM (Curated by Noel Lawrence & Burke Roberts)

Carnal Orient (Dir. Mila Zuo)
Surrealist snapshot of a group of hungry men waiting to be satiated. When a mysterious woman appears, fantasy quickly turns to nightmare.

The Bulb (Dir. Calvin Lee Reeder)
Strangers meet in a motel room and observe a peculiar television broadcast.

Gwilliam (Dir. Brian Lonano)
A recently released criminal is looking for a good time. He can forget his sins but he can never forget…Gwilliam.

Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? (Dir. Gabriel Sunday)
An aging artist is coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear.

Ceiling Finger (Dir. Sean Kelley)
A family of four lives in a suburban household with a giant finger called Ceiling Finger.

Disco Inferno (Dir. Alice Waddington)
A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss. But the Devil is not willing to return to her daily routine…

Double Blind No. 1 (Dir. The Double-Blind Experiments)
Five VFX artists set out to test the theory that a ne-art technique relying on chance could be applied to a motion piece.

The Wayward Carnality (Dir. Joanna Maria Wojcik)
Grandma, though somewhat confounded, talks to her porn-obsessed grandson about woman’s body from a female perspective.

Something About Silence (Dir. Patrick Buhr)
You are here because you are boring. Let the audio-visual experience sink into your subconscious in order to become more exciting and fashionable.

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