Jul 27th 2002

The Triumvirate Presents Dogmatic

@ Dogmatic

1822 S Desplaines, Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, July 27th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, August 17th

The Triumvirate Presents Dogmatic

Meg Duguid
Meg Duguid is a Chicago-based artist who since graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has been Scheming to pay her student loans back while specializing in making unsaleable art. Her latest attempt at this ardous task consists of her digging a hole to chinaand gaining illegal status to subvert the Sallie Mae creditors. As an aside Mig is also an Aries who likes to spend her time walking on the beach, drinking Old Style, digging, and hamster training.

Meredith Grover
Meredith Grover is an aspiring interior designer who resides in the city of Chicago. She is highly invested in the art of fancy coctail connoiseurship and pursuing her dreams of becoming the next designer/host of TLC’s “Trending Spaces”. When not visiting her clients’ homes and drinking Martini’s, Meredith spends her time as an art scene “Hanger On”. She moonlights as a visual artist who pretends to be interested in “The Dialogue” even though what she truly loves is “The Drinks”. Her artwork revolves around her obesseion with what she was 3 years ago, an art student, with what she is today, an over-committed, work-a-holic who still keeps a studio but rarely gets to appreciate its solitude and freedom.

Jessica Peterson
Still insisting that, while even business majors can’t make money, her art career will blossom into a financially profitable venture, Jessica Peterson continues to be one of 5% of SAIC graduates still making art.
Her dust piles combines the finest in dust from the following locations: The Houses of Armstrong, Chicago; Boone, Chicago; Duguid-Euer, Chicago; The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago; Gallery 2, Chicago; The Butcher Shop, Chicago; Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Whitney Museum, NY; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Hagia Sophia, Turkey; Museum of Modern Art, NY; The Tate Museum, England.
Jessica recently moved from Chicago to New York to live out her New York Times “Styles Section” dreams.

Chicago Reader, Review by Fred Camper (08 August 2002)


The show card was produced  as a set of three signed by one of the artists .

The show card was produced as a set of three signed by one of the artists .

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