Sep 12th 1998

“floor [floret] developed concurrently with the first Entry paintings, 1997-1998; I employed the language of painting to reconfigure and thus redirect the perceptual experience of the street-level, storefront space.

In the front gallery, the original laid tile “floret” pattern served as the basis for a three-part, numerically sequenced intervention: dark-colored, die-cut vinyl adhered precisely to the tile, adding to, and accumulating around, each floret cluster. The counting sequences generated from three directions at the perimeter, progressively enlarging toward the center of the gallery, disrupting the regular grid. By contrast, the application of the vinyl material in the office area was light in value and covered the floret, which then appeared as an after-image. The project is best described as visualization by substitution — a speculative gesture in collaboration with the rigorous, measured floret grid.”


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