May 5th 1984

From the catalog, Gladys Nilsson: Greatest Hits From Chicago Selected Works 1967-1984

As Randolph Street Gallery approaches its fifth year, certain projects that were initially beyond its scope now come within its range of possibilities. One project to present select overview exhibitions of important Chicago artists, has long been a desire of the Randolph Street Hoard. In choosing an artist for review, we looked at those whose work has both depth and complexity, and who are at a point in their careers where assessment and summation would lend clarity. We are proud that Gladys Nilsson: Greatest Hits from Chicago, Selected Works 1967-1984, is our first such exhibition. Spanning seventeen years, with the primary focus on the last five years, this exhibition and catalogue will hopefully be as informative to those familiar with Ms. Nilsson’s work, as to those coming to her work for the first time.
An exhibition of this size and complexity required the efforts of many individuals, and we would like to thank some of them here. First, Ms. Nilsson, who spent many hours with us in choosing exceptional pieces from Chicago collections, and was instrumental in selecting Russell Bowman as essayist We would like to thank Mr. Bowman, for his essay, which is both comprehensive and sensitive. A very special thanks to Phyllis Kind for giving us every courtesy, with particular gratitude to William Bengtson for his photographs and transparencies. We appreciate the kindness of the many collectors who lent their pieces, and in some cases donated money for this exhibition. We are grateful to Lois Grimm, for designing this beautiful catalogue: to Lynne Warren for editing; to Cynde Schauper for typesetting; and to Ed Thomas and Lake County Press for printing the catalogue with such care. Thanks to the staff of Randolph Street Gallery for Their consistently excellent work. In closing, we express our deepest gratitude to Lannie Johnston and Nancy Forest Brown, who worked long hours, and without whose help this exhibition would not have been possible.

Deven K. Golden
Chairman of Exhibitions
Randolph Street Gallery


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