Jun 17th 1969

We invite you for the performance of Flux Bikes with Norman Long & Sara Zalek. Tickets are now available on TicketLeap.

Flux Bikes / Maya Odim / Veronica Anne Salinas. A collective ‘Response Piece.’

Norman W. Long and Sara Zalek have been collaborating for over five years, most often spending time listening and walking in Chicago Parks, especially Big Marsh Park and Marian R. Byrnes Natural Area in the Calumet Region. They share interest and research into the practice of Deep Listening, as developed by Pauiine Oliveros. Her work, along with their continued exploration of intentional listening, contact mics, field recordings, sound walks, musicality in noise, synthesizers, and being present with one another cultivates their performance together.

Their digital album Steelworkers Drone produced by Reserve Matinee is available on Bandcamp. “This recording communicates a real dance of solidity and impermanence. Movement of water, wind, and birds making for foundation and foreground.”

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